Quality is an integral part of everything we do.

Our goal is to supply all of our products with zero defects. We follow stringent international quality standards and have the same high expectations from our suppliers. Our production lines are ISO9001:2000 certified and our raw materials meet worldwide standards such as ISO, UL, CE, GS, VDE, TUV etc. This means that all manufacturing processes meet the toughest international standards for consistent quality. Our environment-Friendly products are designed to meet worldwide requirements such as RoHS, EPA, and California Proposition 65.


We continually look for ways to improve quality. Quality Assurance With our quality assurance program we achieve better control of all manufacturing processes. Manufacturing procedures are properly examined, executed, recorded and documented. We are eliminating any potential production errors that can impact cost delivery and quality.


Reliability Manufacturing process and all incoming materials are tested and confirmed. Inspections and tests are on-going during the manufacturing process to ensure consistent quality and eliminating any defects from being customer problems. With a quality assurance program, we achieve better control of all manufacturing processes.


We are doing product inspection, factory audit and other quality control services on behalf of the client's requirements:


Quality Control Services

• Factory Evaluation

• Pre-Production Inspection

• During Production Inspection

• Final Random Inspection

• Loading Supervision


Pre-production Inspection

Before actual production begins, we inspect raw materials and components. With the approved sample provided by you, we will counter check if the factory has ordered the correct raw materials, components and accessories for the ordered merchandise. To detect any potential defect, we will randomly select a number of semi-finished products for checking and report our findings to you for reference. Upon the end of Pre-Production Inspection, we will give technical advice to the factory in order to improve the product quality, so as to minimize the chance of having defects during actual production.

During Production Inspection

During Production Inspection is designed for shipment with substantial quantity; product line with continuous production; high requirement for on time shipment or unimpressive result was found during pre-production inspection. Normally, it will be carried out when 10-15% of goods are completed. We inspect the production batch and those products in the line for possible defects.

We identify deviations, if any, and provide advice on the corrective measures that are necessary to ensure a uniform batch of product with good quality. We will also re-check defects discovered in pre-production inspection and confirm if they have been rectified.

Final Random Inspection

Final Random Inspection commences when the merchandise is completed, i.e. at least 80% of products are ready and well packed. We check on safety, quantity, workmanship, function, color, size, packing, etc. to ensure the function and appearance of the products are consistent and satisfactory to the requirements and specifications defined by you.

Loading Supervision

For Loading Supervision, we monitor the loading process and check on quantity and proper handling of the cargos. The container(s) being witnessed will then be sealed. This service reduces the importation risk of your cargos.





Factory Evaluation

Before you place an order to the factory, we can examine the supplier production capability, machinery, management and quality procedures, operations and processes. We can also brief the supplier regarding your quality requirements. Factory Evaluation ensures the appropriate suppliers are used and the client quality specification is thoroughly understood.

We would design the program based on your requirements and focus. Basically, the areas covered in Factory Evaluation include:

-Scale & organization

-Quality control system

-Manufacturing process


-Equipment’s calibration

-Management and human resources

-Internal training & audit

-Procurement process

-Raw material management

-Housekeeping & working condition

-Semi-finished and finished product management





Other Services


•Secretarial Services

Sourcing Service

We offer the wide range of quality products including household appliances, personal care products, arts & crafts, china, Lighting, toys, garments, bags, textile, furniture, and other sundries. Our comprehensive service continuously increases buyer’s business experiences in China.

Sourcing Supplier

•Receiving requirement from client

•Structured Supplier Sourcing Approach

•Final Report with basic and tailored information

•Assisting Business Awarding

•Arrange joint trip to visit factory on spot

•Help contract negotiation

•Help establish stable supplier relationship


•Quick access to China supply market

•Quick build-up of supplier database

•Risk minimizing

•Cost saving

Secretarial Service

We provide on-site interpretation and a variety of concierge services including appointment scheduling, hotel booking, and travel planning. Unlike other interpretation solutions, Qc-Lighting is available when you need and only a fraction of the cost of full-time interpreters.

Services Scope

•Scheduling your appointment and special event planning

•Booking hotels

•Co-ordination for trip management

•Accompany you to meet suppliers and factories

•Interpretation (Chinese-English)

•Taking minutes