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Since 2005, Qc-Lighting Inspection Service located in Shenzhen, with over more than 10 years the company owner works in the quality field, We believe three different levels in quality control field: Founding quality issues, Solve problems and Prevent problems. QC-Lighting upon founding quality issues to ensure problems be solved and then to follow up solutions for problems to be prevented that in order to improve product quality for help our clients business continued growing and stable.


QC-Lighting offers a one stop shop solution for all your operation & production requirements in China. Our portfolio of services cover of the process of getting your products to market - from supplier analysis and sourcing, through production and QA/QC, to logistics and shipping. Our three basic principles are"pursuit of expertise"  "product focus on"  and  "quick service" with the corporation in trust always and to continue in both believing.


Our service:



◾Production management

◾Quality control